Our Story

Confluence of Nature and Nurture

Simplysimplebones.com Heros AwardMy husband and I have a farm located in northeast Georgia at the confluence of 2 rivers. We both have a tremendous love of animals and have been rescuing and fostering animals, mainly dogs for the past 20 years. We have either fostered and/or rescued approximately 1000 dogs of every shape and size. As much as we (I) would like to keep them all, we like to consider ourselves merely a stop on the way to a better life. We are proud to have been recognized as American Red Cross, East Georgia Chapter, Animal Rescue Hero’s.

Our Menagerie consists of not only, many (Please see the Quality Control Page) dogs of our own, but also Foster Dogs, Camels, a Zebra, many Goats, Sheep, Horses, Asian Water Buffalo, Antelope, Pigs, Cats, donkeys, Cows, Ponies, Parrots and Chickens (the Gallery). All of which must live together peacefully on the farm.

We stumbled on the bones by accident while searching for something that we could make as an inexpensive wholesome treat for our dogs. We have a strong belief in Thinking Globally, but acting locally. We prefer to buy local whenever possible, but realized that no one local was doing anything of this sort. We quickly realized that all our dogs loved the bones so much, that we may have something other people may want for their dogs—a long lasting beef bone from locally and naturally raised beef. This would afford us the opportunity to provide a wholesome treat for our pets and yours and help us to continue to foster and rescue, which is a large part of our life.

Our Product

100% Local Hickory Wood smoked beef bones from cows raised naturally by local farmers. We are proud to be Georgia Grown. The bones are smoked in accordance with US food and Safety standards for the right length of time and at just the right temperature. The wood is 100% hickory, sourced locally. There are no artificial ingredients.

Our Mission

We are an animal loving family that strives to create high quality pet products that will allow us to maintain our commitment to the animals we love and to contribute to reducing the pet overpopulation and educate the public on care and treatment of animals.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to a local shelter or rescue.

Why Simply Southern Bones?

Well, wouldn’t you prefer to eat natural, healthy foods and snacks produced right here in Georgia and know that a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local a shelter and or rescue—I would too!

Wouldn’t you want that for your pets too!!



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