As posted in a previous blog, Beau and I had the opportunity to visit Territorio de Zeguates in Costa Rica, better known as “The Land of the Strays.” When visiting The Land of the Strays, you may spend your day with all of the dogs and hike up the mountain. As suspected, Beau had NO interest in hiking. Instead, he found a shade tree and stayed behind to feed treats to some of the dogs who also shared Beau’s interests. In this moment, a special bond was formed. Boris is a well-known pup at Territorio de Zeguates. He loves people, and he loves attention. He stayed behind and sat with Beau, boy did he learn what a unique character Boris was in those few short hours! Out of the hundreds of dogs that live and roam The Land of the Strays, Boris is the only one that has to be closely supervised and stay in a kennel at night. Boris is known to hang out at the local bar down the street from Territorio de Zeguates. He likes to jump the fence and take a stroll to visit some friends and of course, get attention. Beau just fell in love with this dog. Boris chose Beau, Beau didn’t choose Boris. Somehow, we wanted to help The Land of the Strays. By giving Boris the forever home he deserved, we would be doing so! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been home and finally started the paper work, but we did, and Boris is coming home by the end of this week! We are so excited to help The Land of the Strays and welcome a new member to our crazy family.

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