The Land of the Strays. What an amazing organization and beautiful sight to see. Located in oh so beautiful Costa Rica, The Land of the Strays is also known as Territorio de Zeguates. Its a non-profit, 100% volunteer run shelter. Beau and I had the honor to visit this “heaven on earth” for so many of the local strays in Costa Rica. Territorio de Zeguates is a no kill safe haven for stray dogs. Basically the organization bought a mountain and fenced it in. Any strays are caught and put out there to live free and safe from danger. They have hundreds of acres to run and play and enjoy the fresh air. All of the dogs have 24/7 access to food, water, and shelter. The founders of The Land of the Strays believe that when you adopt a “mutt”, you adopt a unique breed. The shelter is open for anyone to come hike, play, run, volunteer, and visit all of the dogs. Every dog at Territorio de Zeguates is available for adoption. Not only was it an honor to visit, it was a life changing experience!

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